About Me

Hi there! I’m Merilee, a high spirited culture transformation consultant, coach and facilitator with over 20 years experience in organizational development and excited to work with you!

My Story

My first leadership role was at the ripe old age of 23 and my boss was a mouse. Yep, you guessed it, Mickey Mouse that is! I had the amazing opportunity to begin my career as a Retail Guest Service Manager at the happiest place on earth, Walt Disney World.

During my time with Disney, what I loved most about my role was any time I had the opportunity to coach and develop my people. I thought wouldn’t it be rewarding to turn this into a career, and so I did. I have my Masters in Training and Development and here I am seriously living my dream, helping others grow, find passion in what they do and bring more value to the table!

I reside in Allison Park, PA with my husband and best friend, Scott, our two kids, Rita and Alex and our furry rescue pup Sandy. When I’m not helping clients you can find me making memories with friends and family at a local brewery, out for a run, listening to live music, planning our next travel adventures, exploring Pittsburgh or watching a good movie, which might just include a screening of Star Wars, Harry Potter or a classic comedy.

Why Culture?

I’m extremely passionate about company culture. I know firsthand, from growing up working in my father’s community pharmacy to my Disney days and beyond, that a healthy company culture is critical to creating the ultimate employee and customer experience that breeds happiness, high-performance and longevity.

I’m dedicated to helping organizations build an empowering work experience because I want people to love where they work and what they do!

How Do I Help My Clients?

I do this by delivering results-oriented consulting, coaching and training to all organizational levels to develop the strategy and behavioral skills needed to successfully bring a positive and profitable culture to life that drives employee engagement and business outcomes.

With sincerity and humor, I share my own successes and lessons learned.  I aim to spark learning, self-insight and action by challenging my clients to think and do things differently. With candor and caring, I build deep trusting relationships and I’m often considered part of the team.

Additional Experience

I work across multiple industries including: manufacturing, brewing, high tech, pharmaceutical and health care, natural resources, security, retail, marketing and warehouse distribution.

I’m a certified practitioner for The Empowerment Dynamic, a powerful framework that sparks organizations and individuals to lead from a solutions-driven, resilient mindset, which I use in all of my work.

Aside from running my own consulting business, I also consult and facilitate for DDI, a global leadership development company.

My experience includes culture transformation, leadership development, coaching, employee engagement, emotional intelligence, team building and instructional design.