As a coach, I’m here to help individuals become stronger leaders and key contributors as they grow in their careers. 

I understand the multitude of opportunities and challenges that can arise on a given day that make work both rewarding and challenging.  Our performance and personal brand stems from our daily actions and behaviors.  It’s important to understand this so we can dive into what’s working and where individuals need to develop further. 

Together we’ll build the self-insight and skills needed to lead and inspire others while communicating and collaborating across departments to achieve goals.

My coach approach involves creating the space for my coachees to explore the challenges they want to tackle the most.  We’ll focus on uncovering root causes and identifying next steps forward.  I do this by asking thought provoking questions and deep listening. When needed, I’ll challenge thinking to spark new insights and offer fresh perspectives and suggestions.  We’ll also identify tangible action steps at the end of each session to work to keep development a priority and on track.